About TLG

Who We Are
The Limn Group is committed to serving the public relations needs of our clients by producing high-quality, professional work that demonstrates creativity and transparency.  Our work is based on fresh knowledge of the public relations industry, and our goal is to produce impactful results.  Members of The Limn Group aim to build trusting relationships with our clients by exhibiting timeliness, respect and honesty consistently.

Why “The Limn Group”
We chose “The Limn Group” because we feel like the word “limn” describes what kind of public relations agency we would like to be. Limn is a verb that means to depict or describe in painting or words. Limn also means to highlight something with a bright color or light. The Limn Group aims to connect, describe and paint our clients to the public in a positive light through writing, research, events, media coverage and imagery. We believe our agency name describes what kind of agency we are, who is working for us and what kind of work we can produce.

Our Team
Account executive: Molly Ann Walke
Research director: Dylan Varnado
Strategy directors: Joyce Sigler, Daisy Miller
Design director: Dondalyn Breaux
Events director: Marie Jansen
Writing director: Paige Weber


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